Class Lessons at Your School

Orienteering lessons at your school

Orienteering Instructors are available to teach lessons for Primary Grades 3 – 6.
Preference is for single classes (approx 25) students in a session.
Lesson time – best to have 50 – 60 minute lesson time available.
OV offers services for up to 4 lessons per class, for basic skills development.
All lessons will be out of doors, however if the weather is unsuitable for an outdoor activity, indoor open spaces can be used.

Lesson Contents

Aim to learn map reading skills with interesting and fun, action activities.
Skills to be acquired:

  1. How to orientate the map to north, using sun and features.
  2. Identifying features in field to map, and map to field.
  3. Understanding colours on the map
  4. How to set out a control
  5. Experience – fun exercises (Click on the activities to download)
  6. Indoor activities to include map Jigsaws and Know the Legend relays.