Professional Development Courses

Level O – Orienteering Coach Accreditation

Orienteering Coach Accreditation, subtitled ‘How to run a successful orienteering program’.
This entry level accreditation, essential for the Sporting Schools Program is offered as a 2 hr course. It can be held in your school with your staff, during school or after school.

Minimum fee = $350 for 4 staff with $50 each additional staff member. Costs vary according to time and location.

Course Content

  1. History and Promotion of O
    • Simple history and development of Orienteering in Australia
    • Recreational / competitive
    • Individual and family sport
    • School O/ O Clubs
  2. Planning an Orienteering Program
    • Develop sequential lessons
    • Basic course setting
      • Star relay, Cloverleaf courses
      • Score/ Scatter courses
    • Equipment required
  3. Map Reading
    • Orientating map ( sun / map features)
    • Interpreting legend ( map symbols)
    • Thumbing map
  4. Orienteering Skills
    • How to draw controls onto a map
    • Identifying features
    • Control procedure
  5. Practical Exercises
    • Set up trial activity and indoor game
  6. Resources
    • Books/ games, YouTube, equipment
    • Maps/ permanent courses
    • Map making services